Homeschool Incentives

Homeschool Incentives

Looking for homeschool incentives to help motivate your kids? Look no further. Curiosity Untamed offers thousands of educational badges as either button style pins or magnets that can be used as incentives to keep your kids motivated. Find badges and just about any topic your kids wish to learn about. Many of our badges are customizable to a more specific topic. For example if you order our Animals (specific) badge, you may type in the animal of your choice and your badge will feature that animal. If your child loves to learn about animals they can create a collection that reflects each animal they research.

Two Badge Styles

All Curiosity Untamed badges are offered as both pins or magnets. Both are 1.25″ in diameter. Magnets are great for creating custom magnet boards or putting on the fridge for all to see. Choose the badge type that works best for your family. Pins can be displayed on a backpacks, scouting style vests, tote-bags, hats, jackets or any other item you desire.

homeschool incentive badges as pins
homeschool incentive badges as magnets

How to Earn Badges

The badges in our store are based off the Curiosity Untamed curriculum which offers badge requirements for thousands of different badges. Badge requirements are offered from preschool age through adults with requirements getting more difficult with each age level. At Curiosity Untamed, we believe that anything can be educational. We have made a commitment to write a badge for almost anything a child wishes to learn about as long as it is not a controversial subject that we feel is better addressed by parents. All badge requirements are flexible and may adapted to abilities and circumstances of each family

Using Your Own Curriculum to Earn Homeschool Incentives

You are welcome to use our badges as homeschool incentives for any curriculum your family uses. You do not need a subscription to the Curiosity Untamed program. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our store, use our Custom Badge to type in the topic of your choice. If we don’t already have a badge designed for what you need, we will design it at that time. This way you can customize badges to any curriculum you are using.


What Do the Colored Rings Represent?

In the Curiosity Untamed program, the out rings designate what age the child was at when they earned the badge. This way if they decide to re-earn the badge at an older level, the new badge will show the extra effort they put in and the new knowledge they acquired. If you are not using the Curiosity Untamed program as your homeschool incentive system, you choose any color you wish or come up with your own meanings. Each badge is available with a choice of 7 different colored rings.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to start your homeschool incentive system and begin collecting badges, just head to the Badge category in our store and start exploring!


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