Major in an Area of Discovery Award

Major in an Area of Discovery Award


Major Awards are worn above the level ribbons and remain on the vest when advancing to a new level. Pins say, “Major in Character” or applicable Discovery area around the colored gem.
Brass with a gold finish and Swarovski® crystal.

The approximate size of this product is 0.7 by 0.7 inches.


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Level 3 and up can earn a “Major” in any of the Areas of Discovery. To earn this award they must:

1.  Complete 6 badges from their chosen area
2.  Perform a minimum of 6 community service hours within their area
3.  Shadow someone for a day that has a career in their chosen area (minimum 6 hours)

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Warning – Choking Hazard and sharp implement – not intended for children under the age of 3.  Do not place in mouth and beware sharp end.

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Weight .05 lbs


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